• Charles M. Wolfe
  • Global Sales Manager
  • DITA Eyewear

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It has been quite a few years now since i first met Brenda when she was still in London and from the very firs time i met her i knew she was a very special gal and that we would get to be good friends over the years as well as business partners.

When Brenda comes into the room, the whole place lights up because her sense of style just knocks you right over and when i have my meetings at the shows in all the various countries where we wind up meeting, Brenda is one of the highlights of the show for me because i know she really has her finger on what’s is cool and what is the best and hottest fashion in the eyewear business, not to mention she is just downright fun to be with. We always have a fantastic meeting.

Working with the Dita collection is a real pleasure when you know that your partner on the retail side such as Niche Optical and Brenda really get super excited about the product and just ‘get it’. We spend so much time and effort to try to bring out really hot new pieces each collection, but it is even more satisfying when your best customers are also as excited as you are!!

Don’t let anyone fool you that Glasgow may not be as chic as one of the ‘arrondissement’ of Paris or the heart of London - Brenda runs one of the most fashion forward eyewear stores not just in Europe, but around the globe!! She is a rare gem and a true pioneer in bringing fashion and eyewear together in Scotland. It is no mystery why she is a success!!